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Places to Stay in Belmopan Belize with Prices and Reviews

Plenty of tourists go to Belmopan Belize each year for a variety of reasons. If you are planning to go there then the next thing to do would be to find places to stay in Belmopan Belize with prices and reviews. Here are some options:

Dream Valley

It costs just over P8457 per night to stay at this lodge and you will experience a vacation like no other. The place was built for couples looking to spice up their relationship as there are plenty of nice restaurants nearby like Blue Moon Restaurant and Scotchies. Besides, you’d want to make use of the time you have when you are there. One reviewer says the staff knows a lot about the place as they were able to answer all of their questions about what to do. Another reviewer says she had no problem getting some rest when it was time to sleep. Also, she loved the fact that the staff did their part in setting up their tours so they did not have much of a problem of what to do the next day. In fact, she adored the fact that it is in such a nice location and you would want to settle in for something nice and the view from the lodging is nice.

Jaguar Creek

No matter which cabana you choose, you are going to have a fantastic experience at this place especially if it is with the entire family. One reviewer tells the story of how she booked during the slow season so there was not much people that time and they were able to enjoy the quiet scene of the place. In fact, they went tubing and it was one of the best experience she has ever had. It only costs P5474 a night and it is a steal considering the location as it is in the middle of the rainforest so you know it is such a good vacation away from the city. Another reviewer says it is a great option for people looking for something different. They loved the Mayan Ruins excursion and you know you would need to dedicate an entire day for that and you will love every second of it. He added how there was no air con there but that is alright since it is all part of the lodging experience.

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

Words can’t express how amazing this lodge looks in the pictures so it will be a lot better when you check it out up close. From there, you can see how they’ve won plenty of awards over the years. In fact, one reviewer tells the owner that all the members of his staff are doing such a great job. It would go to see how well they are trained. In fact, he says he had someone fetch them at the airport and even if their flight was a bit late, they were still waiting for them so they did not really have any problem after that and the ride was alright despite the length. Another reviewer says he experienced such unique tours and he would not mind doing them all again. In fact, he says this place is perfect for families looking to have such a great time while they are there. They know they can’t get enough of what is needed as of the moment. There are plenty of activities so you can fill your itinerary with glorious things to do.

Sleeping Giant

There is a good reason why this resort has won plenty of awards over the past few years. They’ve been in and out when it comes to doing what is best for their business and their well-trained staff never fails to impress you. As a matter of fact, it is near a couple of high-rated restaurants like Country Barn and Grove House. You’d love nothing more than to explore the great outdoors while you are at your office desk and that is exactly what is going to happen here. They can give you a bunch of guided tours and you can buy an overnight stay here for just P9977. One reviewer says the location is perfect for day trips so you can do a lot during your stay there. Also, some guests told them there were some annoying bugs at their room but they did not experience any pests so you can bet they were a bit lucky. Another reviewer suggested they add another pool due to the fact that there are more than thirty rooms but he also said he often had the pool to himself.

Kiki Witz

Don’t be surprised if you meet the owners at this humble place as they are very accommodating and they will make sure you will enjoy your stay from start until the end. One reviewer says he was happy with how the staff arranged a romantic dinner for them. He knows they’re right there when it matters the most and he would highly recommend the place for everyone to see. It is evident the place is near some nice restaurants like Everest Indian Restaurant and Caladium Restaurant. If you want to enjoy a nice night out while drinking to your heart’s desire then you can head over to Corkers which is just a few meters away and you won’t regret it one bit. As for points of interest, Blue Hole National Park and St. Herman’s Cover are just a few meters away so you know you will never run out of things to do while you are staying there. The staff here would be more than happy to arrange your tours but you need to arrive at a specific time for those things.

In conclusion, you will have such a great time no matter which one of the above places to stay in Belmopan Belize you choose. From the start, you will recognize right away their staff is well-trained. one thing is for sure, you are going to enjoy your stay here so you just need to keep an open mind and you should book several weeks in advance.

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