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Best Hotels in Korumdu with Prices and Reviews

There will come a time when you would need a vacation to get away from it all. Korumdu seems to be a nice option with all the things to do there. The next thing to do would be to find the best hotels in Korumdu with prices and reviews. Here are some wonderful options:

Azure Sport Resort

You’d feel great about relaxing under the sun at this beachfront resort. The service is nice and the entire place has high-speed WiFi. The price you will need to pay per night is just over P4511. One reviewer said the location is nice and he did not have a single problem going to all the places he needed to go to given the short amount of time he had there. There is even a swimming pool here that you can access in case you want to take a dip for a few hours while waiting for the sun to rise. Add that to the fact that you will always find yourself feeling a bit excited for breakfast the next day. It would go to show how they value the taste of the food that you should start the day with and it’s great when it is breakfast. Another review says that he was impressed with the nice view of the lake and the mountains. Surely, that is a nice sight that you would not mind waking up to every single day. There is a reason why it is called a sport resort as there is a basketball court there where you can play with the other guests. If shooting hoops is not your thing there there is also a volleyball court that’s also nice.

Hotel Gostinyi Dvor

This nice beachfront hotel has a quaint bar where you can enjoy the night with some drinks. After all, you can just indulge in all the stuff you’ve always dreamed of. In fact, you won’t have to go far when you want good food to eat as there are some nice restaurants nearby like Cafe Edem and U Rybaka. One reviewer even mentioned the fact that she was able to update all of her friends with regards to her whereabouts due to the high-speed Internet. Another reviewer says she felt very comfortable throughout her entire stay at this place. Besides, you can’t help but notice all the things that are in place because the staff here would always go out of their way to make the place very clean. Another reviewer says it is in the middle of the tourist center so you will never miss out on all the things to do here as they will likely help you as it will help them too.

Avrora Plyus

Be sure to fully charge your phones because you will find yourself taking a ton of photos while you are at this place. As a matter of fact, you’d find the food delicious and it will be one of those vacations where you would want to come back in a few years. An overnight stay will just cost you over P1400 so it is cheap considering all the things you’re going to get from the resort. The staff members are all dressed nicely so you will know right away who to approach whenever you need something. One reviewer said she felt safe at the property as the people there are good in letting you know you are always safe there. Another reviewer was not happy with the fact that the resort is a bit far from the beach. The good news is that you would lose a few calories whenever you decide to walk towards the beach with the entire family.

Belzhan Yurt Lodge

One thing that will stand out right during your stay at this lodge is the picturesque food. You can’t help but take tons of photos of the food here with all the nice things you can say about them. In fact, you’re going to be excited to eat there again the next day. If you have a diet, it won’t be long before you would forget about it. One night here costs P3331 and one reviewer even said the rooms were just perfect. They were a big group and they all had such a great time. Another reviewer thought it would be a splendid idea to have a campfire in this place as the yurts are pretty nice. You will certainly have a relaxed feeling whenever you are here and you should bring all the things needed for a well-deserved vacation especially if you have not had one for a while because of the pandemic.

Simiram Hotel

One reviewer raved about how nice the service of this hotel is. In fact, she felt confident about leaving her food at her table then coming back for them at a later date. One vegetarian reviewer said that the staff there went out of their way to make their stay pretty comfortable. It would go to show how concerned they are about the lifestyle of the people there. After all, not everyone likes to eat animals and not all resorts serve plant-based options. It is awesome for you to have a nice view of the lake before everything is said and done. Another reviewer says she had no problem with the prices here as she found the place fine and all the staff members will greet you with a smile. Also, she raves about how clean the place is especially the rooms. She knows she made the right call in booking this place and she can’t wait to visit it again in the near future.

Remember to always book your stay at the best hotels in Korumdu with prices and reviews in advance. After all, the last thing you’d want to happen would be to run out of slots right at the same time you’re trying to book them. It would go to show how much you’ve been meaning to do something like it when it goes to show how nice these choices are.

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