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Mazatlán Beach – Stone Island – Isla de la Piedra

Stone Island, Isla de la Piedra, a Mazatlán Beach, is actually a peninsula located just south of Mazatlán. It is difficult to describe Stone Island.  It comes off the road outside of the airport at the golf course, Estrella Del Mar.  I know there are beautiful golf courses all over the world, but this one literally takes the cake or the ocean.  There are no balls in the pond.  You lose it in the great Pacific. The island then proceeds to follow the coastline of the city down to the old port of Mazatlán. Look here for some of the old fishing fleets.

This island has many miles of beach. Many attempts have been made to build this area, but nothing too successful.  Maybe it is the loneliness of the great beaches and limited access.   You will see the third largest coconut grove in Mexico. You will find gentle waves and sandy beaches.  This makes Isla de la Piedra a great place to enjoy the Mexican sun.  On Isla De la Piedra or Stone Island you can enjoy one of the small beach restaurants or perhaps you packed a picnic for a day on the beach.

For horse lovers, you may also rent horses along this beach.  There are miles of sand on isolated beaches with towering coconut palms.   There are no taxi’s here, but one can get here by driving the long road from the Estrella Del Mar or taking a boat out of the old Marina port. We prefer the latter.