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Mazatlán Beach – Playa Sabalo

Playa Sabalo, Mazatlán Beach, is the favorite of many desiring the excitement of the crowds of vacationing tourists.   It is protected by Dear and Goat Islands and the sand stays a little more perfect after storms. It is a busy beach, no quiet days or nights.  There are huge hotels with everyone looking for a perfect place on the sand. You will find parasailing; look for kayak rentals; you will find adventure is at your feet.  Because of the islands, waves are not so strong, producing long shallow areas of sea. This is a beach to play with your family by the day.  In the evenings, walk the breaking surf to find music and drinks in all the beautiful restaurants that line the sand.

A beach walker will find sellers of mangos, of jewelry, or Mexican fashion.  Pull up under an umbrella and get your hair braided.  This is the beach of the Golden Zone, once considered the most desirable.  Lately, it has outgrown a little of its previous popularity, but still you will find great tourist shopping.  There are a flood of tee shirt shops, shell and souvenir shops.  You can find hand painted pottery and Mexican folkloric art.  We usually arrange a day of shopping here for our guests and if you ask, we can direct you to some great jewelry stores with honest prices.

At the tip of Playa Sabalo, at the end of a tiny mall, is a favorite beach restaurant, Pancho’s.  Ask Pancho for his fish platter. He will reward you with a great after dinner drink on the house.  There are many other great restaurants  which you will discover as you walk this beach.  Other good restaurants include Chili Peppers, Tony’s on The Beach, and colorful La Costa Marinara for a seafood platter.