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Mazatlán Beach – Playa Norte

Playa Norte is the Mazatlán Beach, that is the beach bridge to the old city of Mazatlán.  It is to the south of Valentino’s, an extremely beautiful long stretch of sand with waves rolling in along the shore.  We love to walk it in the early mornings all the way down to Fisherman’s Monument.

In the evenings, particularly Sunday evening, along this Malecon, is the traditional Paseo.  This is where all the young people walk to meet.  Although no longer do you usually see the older, once necessary, chaperones, it is still a favorite of young couples in love and looking for love.  During Mardi Gras, this Playa Norte becomes the center of the city.   The Malecon along the ocean is decorated in huge pieces of art which stretch into the sky.  On Fat Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday, the long parades of decorated Carnival floats appear on this street.  I will add photos of these on my posts for those interested.  This beach is a calm beach. You can see many families in the water and on the sand during the weekends and holidays.  On the Southern end are some great restaurants and beach huts serving fresh fried fish, shrimp, oysters and lobsters.

Walk this beach, find a palapa and sit down and rest your feet along the surf.  Hotels do not sit on this beach but are across the road so the beach is much quieter.   There is also a point that all locals know for the small individual fishing boats which dock on the sand in the afternoon to sell their catches. You will find some terrific deals on fresh shellfish, whole glistening fish and maybe lobster.  Pick yours while he is still jumping in the boat. A tip will get them cleaned with sea gulls swooping down for the leftovers.