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Mazatlán Beach – Playa Los Cerritos

Playa Los Cerritos, a Mazatlán Beach with a very long stretch of beach, north of the city.  Our ocean here is strong.  It has very large wild waves and undertows, but absolutely perfect for sunbathing and shell combing in a serene environment. This beach is about twenty miles from the city and definitely far from the maddening crowds.  It begins with a group of small shacks serving every seafood you can name, some great little coffee shops and even a restaurant that specializes in barbecue ribs on Friday nights. One little place serves a great hamburger and the many small shacks have fresh fish.  Fishing boats pulling up in the rocks keep the wives running the stand with fresh fish.

From these small shacks, the beach goes north through Emerald Bay to large empty expanses of beach  The huge breaking waves can be great for surfing but are dangerous. Their beauty make it a tempting place to live, but a few miles on lonely dirt roads can change your mind.  Still the magical Emerald Bay is out there.  It is far from the city but still enchanting. If you are tempted to stay out there, make sure you have reliable transportation and a stocked pantry. A favorite story is our car breaking down on an old dirt road miles from no where.  Sometimes the road will be washed out from a storm and many times the small bridges are washed away making driving very dangerous. Although beautiful, this is just too far out for our tastes.   However, you might want to  schedule a dinner or breakfast at the Emerald Bay Resort and Restaurant.  You must have reservations.   It is very beautiful but not the same caliber as the shacks along the beach.