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Mazatlán Beach – Playa Las Gaviotas

If you want the best beach jewelry vendor, walk down a way to Playa Las Gaviotas, another Mazatlán Beach.  Walk the edge of the water and ask for  “No Way Jose”. the jewelry vendor.  Tell him Kathleen sent you and to give you honest prices, no haggling. If you ask him if it is silver, he will tell you at the same time he is telling you about his grand children.  Beach vending is an honest profession in Mazatlán and the same men are there on a favorite beach for years.  Be careful not to insult them by trying to get a price to low.   Please, please, make it to the Playa Mazatlán for drinks at Sunset.  Come later and there will be a beautiful Mexican band under the stars and you can learn Salsa dancing. In the morning, it is worth a beach walk here for a great Mexican buffet breakfast.

You will also find the famous Valentino’s disco close by. Try this only if you have the energy of the hot beat of Disco and pulsing dance floors.  It doesn’t really get going until one or two in the morning so stay awake.   Of course, for the very young at heart, try Joe’s Oyster Bar.  This is the favorite of our young sons, and I must confess they have been found dancing on the bar once or twice.

My friends usually prefer the quiet antique shopping with Bobbi or Luis at the Designers Bazaar across the street after lunch at one of the great restaurants that line the street.  This shop is a favorite and you will find many of the pieces the owners found throughout Mexico sitting in our homes. We also like long leisure lunches at the Playa, and then laying in a chaise lounge in the sun.  Waves are more gently here because of the proximity of an island.