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Mazatlán Beach – Playa Las Brujas

Playa Las Bruja, Witches Point, is a Mazatlán Beach which is our choice for surfing so bring your board.  It is close to town and a perfect hangout for the day.  The beach is surrounded by small fishing shacks where many owners will carry out a fresh ceviche and cold drink while you lay on the sand.   Waves on this beach can reach 10 feet as they roll across from the Baja, but still a little less that those at Playa Los Cerritos.   We like to walk down from our Mazatlan Beach Condo in the mornings to the large rock on Playa Bruja.  The walk is mainly packed sand along the edges of the breaking surf. There is heavy surfing here and the point is a great place to watch the surf contests.

There are many tall condos along this beach.  The area was heavily built during a boom a few years ago.  Some of the high rises are very beautiful and provide vast ocean views.  This is an entirely different feeling than Playa Escondida where you literally sit on the breaking waves.

You will find many places to stop for breakfast.   There are some very large high rise buildings along this beach.   Walk along the beach in the evening and stop for a margarita at one of the many palapas along the ocean edge.  End your walk at La Bruja, a beach restaurant, at the end of the point for an extravagant shrimp and lobster dinner.   You dinner will be accompanies by live mariaches and more huge double margaritas.   We were there when they first opened their doors several years ago and a huge plate of coconut shrimp and three lobster halves costs $12.50.  Prices have risen somewhat, but still the bargain of the Americas.  Make sure to try their fabulous Coconut Shrimp.