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Mazatlán Beach – Playa Escondida

The beach where Mazatlán Beach Condo sits is called Hidden Beach, that is Playa Escondida, Mazatlán Beach. This area along with the Marina is called The Platinum Zone.  This is now the premium zone for living, shopping and eating.  It has the beautiful beaches, the great restaurants, the new Mazatlán Marina and condos overlooking the sea.   This beach is harder to access from the street because of the inlet to the Marina.  One can only easily get to this beach through the private beachfront homes and Playa Escondida and Playa Marina.  Of course, our guests have easy access because your ocean patios sit directly on the sand of this beach. This is a clean beach with only a few tourists.

This beach also has the added advantage of sitting with its back to the new Marina filled with restaurants and shopping and fleets of expensive yachts. This is the appended city of Mazatlán.  Around two o’clock in the afternoon, the fishing boats come in.   You can walk to the dock and buy the fish fresh off the boats. (Remember, you can also book these same fishing boats for a day of deep sea fishing and bring home your own huge tuna!)

Playa Escondida Beach is also known for the oyster divers and the shrimp or camarones.  Men walk up and down early in the morning selling their shrimps. lobsters and fresh fish. They will even clean your shrimp for you making them ready for the grill.  These shrimp came off the fishing boats you saw out at sea the previous night. The beach is usually very sandy but like all beaches in Mazatlán are subject to severe storms throughout the summer which can expose the rocky underlay beneath the sand.  The rocks will hold tide pools aand are short lived as the waves begin to wash in fresh sand.