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Mazatlán Beach Mexican Kitchens

Cook On The Ocean

Kitchens are important to us.  If you do not want to leave the beach to cook dinner, open the large sliding doors to the ocean.   All the beach activities flow into you kitchen.  You can choose between a kitchen that is more modern with stone countertops and stained cabinets or the more colonial kitchen with old tile countertops and painted cabinets.  Both feature all you need for contemporary cooking, There are a huge assortment of artisan bowls and hand painted pieces.  What looks to be a traditional Mexican kitchens come complete with modern range, dishwater, microwave. Besides decorative stoneware and pottery, kitchens features all modern cookware and utensils.

And to fill these kitchens, you are surrounded by markets.  A few doors away is the typical small bodega for emergency items. Within the Marina, you will find large a super mercado and smaller old colonial fruit stands.  There are malls with large department stores that sell gourmet items. And, of course, you are in a Marina so there is a dock to buy fresh fish when the boats come in.

By your front door, every morning will be a fish seller selling the shrimp off the boats.There is  a vegetable truck a few times a week for fresh vegetables.  One may also approach the fishermen or oyster divers on the beach in front of your place to negotiate a price on a couple of dozen oysters.  At least once a week you need to make the trip to the Central and visit the Mercado Pino Suarez.  There in the market you will find a riot of color, smells of fresh fruit.  There will be stands of fish, fresh cheese, butters and meats. You are now shopping like the Mexicans.


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