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Mazatlán Beachfront Master Bedrooms

Sleep In Luxury At The Edge Of The Sea

Mazatlán beachfront master bedrooms on the edge of the ocean.  It is night.   You have taken a  ‘pulmonia’ or open air taxi around the beautiful old Colonial District, you have been to  Lookout Hill or Ice Box Hill for the wonderful views of Old Mazatlan. Hopefully you were able to secure tickets to the Angela Peralta Theater for the Folkloric Ballet, maybe  a Sunset tour along the shore. Then Mazatlán really really came to live.

In your evening, you can  dine while being serenaded by mariachis, maybe you danced to the megaton bass of million dollar sound systems at Valentinos.  Maybe you just sat among are roving bands of mariachi musicians all along the golden zone. Or you perhaps you finished the night with Margaritas on a rooftop bar.

It is time now to return home for your last sip sitting on the patio listening to the waves crash.  Your master bedrooms will  feature king beds, floors with Talavera inserts. Master Bedrooms have sliding doors which open to the patio and the ocean. The rooms will be filled with the sound of the waves at night. The first night you count the waves, holding your breath for the next one.  Often before final sleep, you tip toe out your sliding door for one last look at the ocean with the moon bright in the sky and the sight of shrimp boats out fishing on the horizon.

Mazatlan Oceanfront Condo

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