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The Beaches of Mazatlán

Mazatlán Beaches are  some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and certainly the most beautiful of Mexico.  US News Report named it as a top beach destination.   There are miles and miles of pristine sandy beach.  It is not rocky cliffs like Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Mazatlan has marvelous mile long golden sandy beaches with waves breaking against the hard packed sand, perfect for swimming and surfing.

These beautiful Mazatlán beaches along the Pacific have many names. The personalities of these beaches change as we go from north to south. You can see our individual blogs on each of these marvelous stretches ofThese beaches are not man made for tourism.  They are the natural beaches of a thriving Mexican town and culture.  They run from the old port along the edges of picturesque colonial Mazatlan.  The beach then continues along the magnificent Malecon and through the Golden Zone.

The beaches are interupted only by the entrance to the new Marina.   Here a free water taxi will help you navigate the break.  From the Marina, the beaches run through the Platinum Zone,  then a huge stretch, all the way to Witches Point.  Here the beach abruptly ends in a huge rock, then turns and follows an isolated stretch north of the city. A breath taking view from your plane as you land at our International airport takes in miles and miles of golden sand.

This sand and beaches are ever changing because of summer storms and islands.    Summer storms coming across the Pacific will shift the sand.  When visitors arrive in November and December, they will see distinctly different beaches than visitors in February.  Our beach in Playa Escondida can go from rocky to miles of sand within a week as tides and storms move the sand.  It is worth a trip to Mazatlán during the hot summer months just to watch these magnificent storms.