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Mazatlán, Mexico Oceanfront Location

Water, Water, Everywhere

This oceanfront ocation is  a thin peninsula  between the largest Marina in Mexico and the roaring Pacific Ocean.  It is located in the new Marina, the largest in Mexico, directly on the sea. While many places advertise beachfront property, you will find that this residence is more than beachfront. It is not a high rise with a view of the ocean and access to the beach through a lobby.   You are  sitting on a rock on the breaking wave and your balcony is the seawall. Mazatlan beach-front location is in the Platinum Zone, one of the most desirable locations in the city. As soon as the front door is open, the roar of the waves transfixes you as they crash on the ocean rocks at your feet.

The beach, like all those in Mazatlan, can change with season and storm.  Right after the summer storms, there are more rocks, and magnificent tide pools full of sea life. By December, sand comes roaring back over the tide pools  producing full large sandy beach.  The back of our building faces the Marina, full of huge sail boats, shops, restaurants, markets. There is a constant decision between the life of the Marina and the life of the Sea. Experience the magic of Mexico in your private paradise.




Mazatlan Oceanfront Condo

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