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Mazatlán Beach – Marina Mazatlán

Marina Mazatlán has now become a Mazatlán Beach of its own. The Marina holds a first class hospital, a convention center and several Universities. The Marina Mazatlán, the largest Marina in Mexico, now has become a city within Mazatlán.  Walking through this large complex of winding inlets of sea reveal huge yachts with large sail masts nestled in the port against the Mexican sun.  You will see fishing boats with captains preparing their crews  for a day in the deep waters of Mazatlan.  They will be competing to find the large tuna, swordfish and marlin.

The Marina Mazatlán has large restaurants, shopping complexes, markets, luxury department stores and universities.  This is the center of the new Platinum Zone.  Visit the convention center here and see the famous tiled wall of life in the sea. From your balcony at your Mazatlán Beach Condo, you can watch the fishing boats and yachts enter and leave the Marina.

If you cross the street of your building you will find one of the best restaurants in Mazatlán on an inlet of the sea.  Visit here for a wonderful evening and dance to a great band.

From your beach balcony, walk around the point facing the El Cid Marina Hotel. If you stand there a few minutes and a miracle of transportation happens.  Look up and a small boat coasts to your side.  A young captain will  beckon you aboard and take you across the Marina Inlet to Playa Sabalo Beach. The ride is free with a tip.   You arrive at the dock of the El Cid Marina which has a great buffet breakfast.  We take this small boat across the inlet to walk south on the beaches all the way to Mazatlán El Centro.